What are GALA(GALA) games? 

Gala Games aims to bring the game to a certain level by allowing players to manipulate the backbone in video games. The challenge of Gala Games is to create “blockchain video games that you just have to play.” The mission wants to eliminate the fact that players can spend tons of dollars on recreational facilities and spend endless hours playing sports that can be removed with the push of a button. It plans to replicate innovative miracles in video games, allowing players to manipulate video games and entertainment features using blockchain technology.

Players can obtain Folding Character Tokens (NFTs) and influence the management of video games in the GALA Games environment. In addition, Gala Games uses its own software brand, GALA, by purchasing certain video games from NFT. So far, Gala Games has released a playable entertainment game – Town Star and a collection of NFT series – VOX. In the future, it plans to release other great video games, including RPG legendary entertainment, science fiction-style recreation and tower protection entertainment.
Since its launch in 2019, Gala Games has grown to 1.3 million monthly active users and sold 26,000 NFTs, the most luxurious games worth $ 3 million.

Who are the creators of the GALA Games?

He became the founding father of the popular social and mobile video game company Zynga. Under Schiermeyer’s leadership, Zynga released hits such as Poker, Mafia Wars and Farmville. Known for its running games, Schiermeyer launched the GALA Games in July 2019 to create a whole entertainment community based primarily on blockchain and giving players more ownership of video games.

Gala Games Group has a total of 60 employees.

What makes GALA Games so unique?

Gala Games is not a fun game for everyone, but it offers a variety of blockchain video games that put the entertainment first and put the blockchain in the background. Town Star, which is still the easiest game to play, is a browser-based city simulation. Players control the city like a SimCity game, but in Town Star they simply personalize the city.

VOX Gala Games is an NFT token collection. In the initial release, the 8888 VOX earned an average commission of 0.0888 ETH, or about $ 280 at the time of writing. Although upgraded using Town Stars, VOX has different applications than just being an NFT avatar, where owners can block a party and get voxcoins in the future by using the game with their Vox avatars, players can personalize. . Manipulation of their personal spaceships and galactic components.

Spider Tank Project is a multiplayer online fun game in a conflict zone that allows players to choose a “spider tank” to meet multiple players. The key to the growth of these games is to return to the network. Gala Games is constantly interacting with the Discord network and testing hypotheses. This allows players to practice the course and design video games.

Instead, users can play Castle Nodes that help the GALAcommunity, and receive rewards such as GALA, NFT content, and more opportunities. The Gala Node environment includes a three-tier hub system: Proof of Work (PoW), Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of Storage. The PoWs, known as the founding nodes, are primarily Tier 1 nodes relying on 50,000 fully owned NFTs. They are the first supporters of the society and can get NFT of all video games and upcoming events