What is (Atom)?

This cryptocurrency covers a place in the government of the community.

Cosmos tries to show this in his mind by making this possible.  and as we mentioned before, making sure their infrastructure is easy to use is a big goal. To this end, the expansion pack of the Cosmos Software Suite specializes in modularity. An integrated community built from pre-existing code snippets. In the long term, it  was assumed that this would make it easier to produce sophisticated packaging.   Quantifiability is another priority, meaning larger transactions will be processed when older blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum are processed. or websites or even better. Validation nodes that stake a higher amount of ATOM tokens are more likely to be chosen to verify transactions and earn rewards. Nodes appearing as rogues will be penalized and may drop any tokens they have

How it works

the most plan behind Cosmos is to change quicker and cheaper decentralized applications, from NFT markets to decentralized exchanges, permitting them to run on dedicated blockchains. All of those freelance blockchains (called “zones”) are connected through the InterBlockchain, or IBC, communication protocol. Cosmos additionally provides developers with pre-built modules that permit them to quickly produce absolutely customizable blockchains supported their use case. The Cosmos accord Engine, IBC protocol, and SDK were designed for simple use and cross-chain ability whereas maintaining the security, dealing costs, and speed developers expect from alternative leading blockchain platforms.

In fact, it is a large community of independent and parallel blockchains.

Thanks to the common architecture, customers can connect to any Cosmos blockchain and freely handle tokens without the need for authorization or an intermediary.

The modularity of the ecosystem is also an advantage for developers, who can use the Cosmos Developer Pack to create decentralized packages using the same code for individual blockchains.

Another component used in today’s Cosmos token rally could match reality Swiss cryptocurrency finance organization 21 Shares unveiled today, listing the world’s first ATOM ExchangeTraded Product (ETP).

ETP 21 shares are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange against US dollars, euros and Swiss francs.

Similar to an ETF, an ETP is a monetary product that allows traders to benefit from the rise in a chosen cryptocurrency with less risk than an outright purchase.

Cosmos Network may be a localized community of independent, ascendable and practical blockchains developing the muse of a  new token economy.


 Before  Cosmos Network, blockchains were isolated and will not communicate with every other. They were tough to line up and may solely manage alittle choice of second-line transactions.


 The Cosmos SDK is a developer-friendly, standard framework, all supported a fault-tolerant Byzantine accord ruleset that has Tendermint BFT, permitting developers to totally customise their localized programs and specialize in business business logic.

Cosmos be a part of our developer community and hook up with the foremost effective blockchain ecosystem.