About Cryptrendz

Cryptrendz  for financial services and training is a company with a long-standing name in the field of serving traders in the financial markets. The company was launched in its infancy as a website on the Internet in 2021.
Which was established in a period when the Internet lacked sites interested in covering the financial markets in general and the currency market in particular, the site achieved advanced positions according to search engines on the Internet because of the diverse economic content it provides about the financial markets on the one hand, and the interaction of the site’s visitors on the other hand,
The company provides many important services, on top of which is educating investors about the risks of investing in the financial markets and comprehensive coverage of financial market information, especially the currency markets, in addition to educational and training services and the qualification of traders to professionalize trading in the market.
The company intensified its awareness-raising activities for investors about the importance of not investing until after obtaining an adequate qualification of science and knowledge in addition to the financial ability. Considerable oversight. The company participated and held many exhibitions and conferences in various Arab countries.


To be the best global financial portal that provides comprehensive news and educational coverage of all that matters to shops in the currency and global markets.



Raising the level of traders to become professional in dealing in the currency markets, spreading the correct culture and knowledge, and training traders to reduce losses and maximize profits.



Providing a package of news and analytical services to enable visitors to see what is currently going on in the market.
Providing training courses and professional international professional certificates in the field of financial markets.
Providing a social platform for exchanging experiences between professionals in the field of financial markets.
Follow a strict policy in the quality of services and products offered by the company.