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Twitter Twitter Definition could be a social networking website that permits users to exchange ideas, links, images, associated videos, and presents numerous news from anyplace within the world, as every Twitter post is termed a Tweet. It ought to contain a picture, video, or words, and it's value noting that you simply should have an email additionally to a web association to register on Twitter. History of Twitter Twitter was programmed employing a language called Ruby in 2006 by Evan Williams and business Stone. Initially, Twitter was a free SMS program, and it lacked Twitter in its infancy enclosed the ...
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FaceBook (Meta)

Facebook ( Meta ) Facebook can be a website and one of the most popular social media sites, and can be described as a social network, and is operated by "Facebook" and part of a joint stock company.; Users will join networks organized by city, business, school or region to connect and travel with others. Additionally, users can add friends to their friends list, send them messages, update their profile, and introduce themselves to their friends. the name of the placement refers to the icon guide that American colleges and preschools offer to schools and new students, which has insight ...
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Microsoft Corporation It is an American multinational company, specializing in the manufacture and development of computer software, operating systems and video games. Founding and history of Microsoft Microsoft was founded in 1975 as a company to market Basic processors, and in 1980 Microsoft released the first operating system, which was a copy of the Unix operating system that it purchased from AT&T through a distribution license, and it called it Xenix, and it hired Santa Cruz Operation to develop it to work on more than one platform. Microsoft did not sell this system directly to the user, but rather to ...
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